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Here's a quick test: how many styles of men's underwear can you name, without checking a catalogue? If you're male, and your list stops at "boxers and briefs", there's a whole world of sexy male underwear waiting to be purchased. Let's take a quick tour through the latest styles in underwear for men.

Just as in men's swimwear, today's designers of men's underwear are striking out into new territory. No longer are men limited to wearing boring white briefs, or boxers with zero style. Both briefs and boxers have been made more comfortable and stylish, featuring fabrics and colors to please the most fashion-conscious male.

Low-rise, no-fly, boxer briefs and "classics" grace catalogues once offering little selection. Men of all ages are now free to choose the styles that most suit their wardrobes and lifestyles. At least in the underwear department, men are finally learning what women have always known - that one style doesn't suit all.

But let's move our tour along to even more forward-thinking styles. Boyshorts, boardshorts and trunks are designs evolving from traditional briefs to meet the fashion demands of younger men. If cool, comfortable fabrics are a wardrobe must, you'll love the direction designers have gone with these fashions. Breathable fabrics like mesh, microfiber and Lycra guarantee these designs are always easy to wear.

But even farther beyond the boxer is undergarment territory once reserved for the brave of heart! Thongs in every color and fabric imaginable are appearing in mainstream underwear lines. These exotic garments offer men freedom, comfort and the chance to indulge the urge for something out of the ordinary.

You won't have to look far to find a wide selection of colorful, comfortable thongs. Department stores, online outlets and specialty shops are responding to the increased demand. Men's underwear may be behind men's swimwear in offering this briefest of apparel, but this minimal style is really picking up steam among male underwear shoppers!

One more area our tour should explore is the athletic underwear venue. "Active" boxers and briefs, sport briefs and brief supporters are readily available, as are traditional jock straps and singlets. Active men of all ages are pleased to have a wide selection of supportive wear that lets them pursue their chosen sport in comfort.

We've now finished our tour of the fashions men might find the next time they stop to pick up boxers. Once the domain of lily-white briefs, the men's underwear department is now a colorful shopping experience. If you haven't shopped for underwear lately, why not indulge your curiosity? Whether you shop online or take a trip to the mall, you'll soon find that men's undergarment styles have moved far beyond the boxer. 

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Men's Underwear - Beyond the Boxer

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This article was published on 2010/03/31