How To Maintain Your Underwear

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How to Maintain Your Underwear

Now people buy underwear which is more expensive, more and more treasure, please master the guiding fans carefully, how can we maintain a permanent maintenance of a relatively new sense

Different from the ordinary clothing underwear, thin delicate material fibers are more flexible, so the best method of washing this kind is "warm" and "neutral detergent" and tap "hand."

Read the labels on underwear. Different patterns on the label, representing different cleaning and maintenance approach.

In addition, also note the following:

First: check your underwear before you clean it, if there is off-line, you must suture it, and also has a good hook back hooks, anchored strap, so as not to hook into the fabric washing process.

Second: washing should first be dissolved in neutral detergent 30 ~ 40 , put clothes in the warm water, soak for a while and then pat it with hand, do not scrub hard to avoid wear fabrics.

Third: Rinse thoroughly cleaning lotion.

Fourth: Do not use fabric softener after washing; to avoid cause damage to the underwear elastic fibers.

Fifth: you cannot wring their hands after a good wash, just use a dry towel, hand squeeze, so towel dry water, will be leveled to the status quo underwear, brassieres to cup shape of the case ready.

Sixth: the direct sunshine is easy to make modification and bleaching of clothing, so the underwear can only be placed in a cool well ventilated place to dry.

Seventh: wet bra cup to the middle point of the cup and hung up, should not have to strap hang, because the straps will stretch the weight of water

Q: Why is underwear will turn yellow?
If your hands when washing underwear or laundry bleach-stained pots and underwear will change color upon contact with, so be careful when washing clothes. In addition, the underwear is not washed thoroughly with enough water to allow the excess lotion left in the clothes; the same underwear will turn yellow. After the sun will appear yellow underwear phenomenon.

Q: How to clean the stains on underwear
Cleaning soiled underwear as soon as possible, the longer the stain material into fibrous tissue, the more difficult it will be cleaned.

The following are tips for removing common stains:
Lipstick or foundationWith alcohol or volatile solvents to remove, and then the temperature moderate dilute liquid cleaning lotion.
Pools of blood: the thin liquid scrub brush coated with lotion.
Perspiration: immersed in water with rice soup, a little scrub, and rinse.
Liquor: dipped in cold water wash with warm soapy water. Juice - sprinkle the flour on the stain, scrub with water.

Q: How to store underwear can no deformation, discoloration or moldy?
Underwear to put on underwear lockers, space cannot be too crowded and conflicts with other clothing. Folding also affect the shape of underwear, lingerie folding principle is based on the shape of smooth power and to make underwear not overly distorted.

Be sure to determine the lingerie store has been completely dried, but also put some desiccant in the wardrobe sucked moisture. Do not use sealed plastic bags to store underwear, so easy to mold. Lingerie store be sure to stay away from pesticides, as pest control agent is silk, elastic fabrics of the killer, a touch of relaxation will become brittle and lose elasticity.

Nice lingerie can not only extend its life, but also increase our sense of beauty, and it also has a great advantage to our body. This is done in accordance with the above said, absolutely correct.
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How To Maintain Your Underwear

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This article was published on 2011/01/04