10 Reasons Your Underwear Sucks

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It is easy to find 10 reasons why your underwear sucks. It’s definitely not rocket science to find out what would make your underwear something not to be proud of. However, this is one area that men fall miserably short off the mark, taking things too lightly and taking things for granted. So, what would be the 10 reasons your underwear sucks?

Material: The first thing that you yourself should be happy about would be the material that you choose for something that would stay the closest to your body. Would you be happy about what you wear if the temperature soars or if the cold bites?

One with a hole: This is definitely in the 10 reasons your underwear sucks. Make sure you throw your piece of undergarment right through the window the moment you are able to see what’s on the other side through it.

The ageing vintage: Underwear is not what you would want to identify with vintage, even if you have managed to preserve it without a hole. If it’s old, it’s not gold when it comes to underwear.

Do you have a choice? If you have just a pair of them and keep tossing them around every other day to go for the other twin, think again. Have close to a dozen at least to ensure you do not end up in the 10 reasons why your underwear sucks. Relax – it’s not a huge investment, and they do not burn a hole to have choice and be replacing them.

Go for Brand: If you thought you could save a few pennies by undercutting the brands and opting for the mediocre, you would get a place in history for being among the 10 reasons why your underwear sucks.

Bring in some Color: Alright, white is peaceful. But there are areas where you could have some other emotions than just peace. Have you fancied colors? Go for them where it matters!

Wash them up: That may sound like basics, but you do need to be sure that you wash them up. Opportunities and occasions rise out of the blue, and do not be caught with your pants down.

Cut too close: Leave some space and let some air. Why would you want to die of suffocation?

Be a man: Ensure your underwear says who you are. If you are a man, be it.

Stainless Steel: Now, that’s what steel is all about – without stains. If you thought no one would notice that nagging stain hanging on to it, you would personify one of the 10 reasons Mens Swimwear sucks.

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10 Reasons Your Underwear Sucks

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10 Reasons Your Underwear Sucks

This article was published on 2011/11/28